Bangkok property rental guide

short term rental

Short term rental or vacation rental mean the lease in which the agreement term is less than 1 year. Negotiating a shorter lease may require paying a higher rate.

There are some type of accommodations in Bangkok that offer leases of less than 12 months (daily/weekly/monthly).

Price varies on length of stay , number of guests or number of meals included.

long term lease

Long term lease is the tenancy agreement for at least 1 year or longer.according to thai property law, a foreigner has the ability to do long term rental, but the lease term cannot exceed 30 years (with an option to renew for an additional 30 years) .

If not registered, the lease is valid for only three years regardless of its stated terms. In some cases, Leases for three years with an option to renew may  be treated as a lease for more than three years and the renewal option may become invalid unless the lease is registered.

Documentation and fee
  • A certified copy of the passport
  • A copy of work permit (if any)
  • Passport
  • Proof of income (pay slips, bank deposits)
  • security deposit (often equivalent to 1-2 month of rent) and at least one month rent in advance is required upon signing lease contract.
Property rental contract

A lease contract is a written agreement between the landlord or the owner of property and tenant. The time range can vary from one year to 30 years.

Reading and checking carefully before signing thecontract could prevent many rental problems.

What should be included in the rental agreement are the following:

1.Name and contact details of both parties : full name and address should be written

2.Description and address of the property being rented or leased

3.Terms of lease.

4.Length of stay: the date the tenant starts occupying the place and the termination date.

5.Number of all tenants.

6.Rental payment: The amount of rent payment due and the date it is due.

7.the penalty for late payment : the amount of late fee in case a tenant fails to pay his or her rent on time.

8.what services and equipment are included with the rent

9.Security deposit: This provides for the amount of security deposit and specifies the conditions on which it will be returned.


10.Utilities bill : Who has the responsibility to pay for utilities.


11.Limits on occupancy : Restrictions and limitations on use of

any areas in the house or on the properties

12.Repair and maintenance clause : What repairs the landlord will be responsible for and what repairs and maintenance the tenant will be responsible for.

13. termination clause : Can a tenant terminate the lease prior to its expiration date. 

Inventory check

To increase chances of getting your security deposit back, photograph/video-tape/document the condition of the property when you move in and when you move out.

Contract termination

When a contract does not express any terms for early termination, it implies a legally binding commitment to pay rent from its commencement date to its termination date.

The renter should not assume that he or she may vacate the property anytime without penalty.

Contract renewal

The maximum period for a property lease under Thai property law is 30 years and such a lease can be renewed for up to 30 years more. However, There are court decisions which indicate that the renewal clause is personal to the landlord, and thus may not be binding on his heirs.

In Thailand, the renewal clause is not automatic, the parties must appear at the Land Department to register the renewal.