Welcome to Bangkok-housing.com, the online housing service for expatriates and foreign student in Bangkok. Whether you are looking for house, townhouse, condominium, apartment, or other residential properties, we can help you get the right property that suit your need and budget. (minimum 6 months rental period)

Our services also cover commercial property like shophouse commercial  building , home office andoffice space.

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we save your time.
We understand the inefficiency and frustration of spending weekends scouring throught internet only to find overpriced property that look different from the picture when you do the property inspection And We knows How tiring it could be when it come to negotiating, even more tiring when you find yourself handling all rental problems alone in foreign country.

For all these reasons ,that’s why we aim to put our client in a stress-free environment. At Bangkok-housing.com we know that your time is valuable, so the less time you spend on tenancy issues, the more time you have to focus on what’s important to you.

We don't push you at our listings.

As tenant representatives,we are free to point out all the negative aspects of each property because we are not tied to any particular property or agency.

And unlike other real estate agencies that only show their own property listings, we don’t only do property seaching on internet, but also other medias such as local classified or local real estate magazines. we even walk through street by street scouring signs and bulletins in order to find the right property for each client.

Therefore, instead of being pushed to decide, our clients will see the widest range of properties available within their budget.

We help you dealing with rental problem.

Increasingly the problems we have to deal with are of a legal nature, such as clarifying terms of a rental agreement and dealing with rental disputes concerning issues of disrepair and refunding deposits.

We protect your benefits.

Landlord references checking :

There are some unlucky tenants who end up being evicted and losing big amount of money just because they pay rent to the housekeepers that claim themselves to be landlords.

Lease contract checking:

We Check terms of contract and tell you whether there are any clauses that we think should be removed or added. We also do draft amendments, contract translation and negotiate with your landlord.

Our service is free of charge.

Normally, agent fee is landlord’s responsibility.  We only charge transportation fee in case of viewing multiple properties in different locations on the same day.